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Transform your angling adventures!

Multipurpose Landing Nets and Gear for Adventurous Anglers

Why You'll Crave a NETrekk Net

On the trail with NETrekk Tailwater Wading Staff and Folding Net

Versatility Unleashed:

Your folding rubber landing net, telescopic trekking pole, and wading staff, all in one compact, lightweight design. Embrace the ultimate gear for your next adventure.

On the trail with NETrekk Tailwater Wading Staff and Folding Net

Quality Craftsmanship:

Precision engineering and durable materials ensure a long-lasting companion that can withstand the elements and rigorous use.

NETrekk Telescopic Wading Staff and Folding Rubber Landin g Net

Unmatched Convenience:

No more lugging around extra gear. With NETrekk, you're always prepared for whatever conditions you encounter.

A Net-Centric Product Line (mostly)


Most Popular Benefits


Seamless Transformation

  • Switch effortlessly between fishing, hiking, and wading without missing a beat. Whether the priority is landing and protecting a fish, traversing a steep climb, or navigating a rushing and rocky stream, you're equipped.

  • Streamline your outdoor gear, making your adventures more convenient & enjoyable. It's simple, our nets reduce and minimize your cargo load.

Robust Durability

  • Built to take on the rugged terrain of mountain trails to wade rivers and streams safely and reliably for many years of adventures.

  • Save money, save time, and consolidate your go-to gear kit with a multi-purpose NETrekk net that fits your style.

Featured Products

Why Fish & Anglers Love Them!

NETrekk’s "keep'em wet design" enhances your catch-and-release adventures with silicone rubber netting for advocates of safe and sustainable fishing.

Rainbow Trout in Alpine Angler Net
Tailwater Staff and Net on the Trout Trail

Robust, reliable, and adjustable telescopic staff for multi-terrain hiking and wading to land your personal best. 

High Country Telescopic Staff and Folding Rubber Net

Our community of passionate anglers and outdoor enthusiasts can't stop raving about NETrekk – join the love!

What Makes NETrekk Unique

Jerry desktop IMG_1492_edited.jpg

Our innovative features deliver a reliable, durable, and affordable multi-purpose design that sets NETrekk nets  apart from conventional hoop and handle designs.

Experience the innovation with a multi-purpose design that seamlessly blends form, function, quality, and versatility in a compact, lightweight, robust design.


Make your next adventure safe and sustainable for fish and fishermen alike.


Handy Accessories

About Us

Once it became clear that my idea of the perfect fishnet and wading staff just didn't exist I decided I would have to design one myself.


I established my "must have" criteria and began the development effort to design and manufacture what I believe is simply..... The best net for the fish and fisherman alike.


It's all about the simplicity, balance, functionality, performance, ease of use, quality materials, in a robust & elegant design all at an affordable price.

— Jerry, NETrekk inventor

Flip & Dip Kayak Telescopic Handle Folding Net
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Fish Live in Beautiful Places...

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