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About Us

How it Happened

—And, what is a NETrekk Wading/Trekking Staff/Folding Collapsing Fish Net?

Have you ever struggled to manage a wading/trekking staff, fly rod or pole, plus a net? It can be cumbersome.  After falling one too many times I decided to find a safe & sustainable solution. —But to my surprise, it was nowhere to be found.

So, I decided to design something myself. After establishing my "must-have" criteria I began to sketch, design, and develop prototypes. I tested them a lot and solicited feedback from experienced and savvy anglers along the way. Twenty months later, after evaluating progressively improved prototypes and features in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico I arrived at a set of optimal design features and the rest is history

The result: NETrekk Fishnets and Accessories


Why it's the best net for the fish and fishermen alike

It's all about simplicity. Cleverly balancing, functionality, performance, ease of use, and quality materials in a sturdy and elegant design, all at an affordable price.

Including unique features that you don't expect to find in fishnet or a wading staff. "We know it when we see it" kind of attributes that just make your fishing adventures safer, easier, more enjoyable, and memorable.

The benefits of Wading staffs and Trekking poles are well documented, we’ve just taken the utility and convenience factors to a much higher level!

Learn more about NETrekk’s products on our FAQ page.

NETrekk Explainer Video

For an in-depth look at the NETrekk watch below

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