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  • Why is NETrekk better?
    Our purpose is the enahcement of the fishing experience, it’s safety and the sustainability of the fish.
  • What’s special about NETrekk rubber nets?
    It's a well-established fact that rubber fishing nets are the best net material for several reasons. The reasons I chose to use only the best and offer nets in clear or black rubber.
  • What’s the deal with slime?
    A fish's skin is protected with the help of mucus, also known as "slime." This slime prevents impurities from forming inside or on the fish's skin. The slime also helps keep the parasites, fungus, and bacteria from the fish's skin, keeping it healthy. Some fishing net materials damage scales or skin due to their rough textures, abrasiveness, and thin knotted fibers. Rubber nets have smooth, slippery surfaces so the fish skin and scale’s slime isn’t disturbed as much and won't harm it. A rubber net is simply the best way to increase their chances of survival.
  • How does it save time & tackle?
    Most people use more than two hooks, when you land a fish, a second hook can easily get tangled in the net. You often end up untangling or cutting the second hook out of the net before you can resume your fishing adventure. A smooth and slippery rubber fishing net, eliminates the problem.
  • Are silicone rubber nets worth it?
    Rubber fishing nets cost a little more than the fabric or string nets, but they’ll last longer, require less maintenance, and save you time when fishing, all while protecting the fish so you can enjoy landing them again.
  • How durable is silicone rubber vs. fiber nets?
    Rubber nets are rubbery and stretchable so they’re often stronger. They're also less prone to being cut from hooks or getting tangled up.
  • What’s better, clear or black nets?"
    This one is personal, so you have a choice. There are theories that a clear net won't "spook" the fish as you reach out to land them. Also, some people like the photo quality of their personal bests against an excellent crisp black background. The decision is yours.
  • What’s the deal with “sustainable” or “fish-friendly” fishing?
    Fishing is a great sport, but we all need to be safe and responsible as we catch & release our fish back into the waterways if we want it to continue. That’s sustainability. Our silicone rubber nets protect fish’s skin and scales from damage, so they’ll will survive to be caught again, and reproduce for your kids, and grand-kids to enjoy.
  • What are our net's benefits?
    • Telescopic handle & trekking pole from 30" to full Trekking length of 60". • Well balanced at all lengths. •Lightweight and built to last with 7075 aircraft aluminum. • Vest/belt clip and carabiner carry points for easy pack-and-go. • Three interchangeable rubber multi-terrain tips & one mud skirt plus the permanent tungsten carbide tip. •Extra-long and comfortable premium EVA foam dual hand grips​. • Quick-release/close bright red solid aluminum cam flip-lock clips. • Bright White One-inch increment scale ruler, up to 32" for accurate water & bait depth or fish length measurements. • Convenient shoulder strap travel bag. • Durable anti-glare black matte finish. • It's the ultimate "Three in One" Landing net, Wading staff & Trekking pole. • Multiple versions for your favorite fishing style or location. The "High Country" with 7075 black anodized aircraft aluminum Trekking/Wading staff with 13” wide net. Perfect for the Fly Fisherman. The "Tailwater" with 7075 black anodized aircraft aluminum Trekking/Wading staff with 16" wide net for the mid-size Fly fishers catch. The "Outfitter" Our largest and deepest net at 16" for your next Personal Best The "Alpine Angler" & " Back Country" nets. Our most compact & lightweight nets are perfect for the Back Packer The "Flip & Dip" Telescopic Handle series is perfect for Kayak fishing & all-around versatility. The "Dipper Series" for those who appreciate a folding net and handle with measuring scale & deluxe grip. • The parts are made of ABS recyclable plastic, lightweight fiberglass composite, and aircraft quality aluminum for peak performance, easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. • The NETrekk family of compact, lightweight, durable, & affordable landing nets are ideal for backpacking or scooping up those larger trophies while wading, drifting, trolling, kayaking, or shore fishing.
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