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Ever Lose your Net? Ever Get it Back?

For that simple reason NETrekk is pleased to offer custom personalized  printed & applied outdoor durable 7~10 year life expectancy labels in White on Clear at NO-Charge to Help Lost Nets Find their owners Free on all NETrekk Net and wading staff purchases through 12/31/2023.

A $4.99 Retail Value

Labels are Thermal Printed with a white resin ink formula commonly used by custom rod makers for logos and branding.

Mirror Gold and Chrome Silver Lables are also available for purchase applied to your net frame or separately for your other gear.

Label includes up to 4 lines of Text sized to fit the 24mm wide labeling at approximately 2" long similar to photo and may include e-mail or any personal message you like in the space available. 



Personalized Lost & Found ID. Label

  • No-Charge Labels on all NETrekk orders include the buyers Name, Phone Number & E-mail Address through 12-31-2023 taken from the Customers contact details provided at time of order.

    Premium Mirror Gold and Chrome Silver labels are available at $4.99/ each. These labels are clear stock with an aggressive adhesive rated at 7 to 10 year life expectancy in a typical anglers wet and sunny environment. These are the common label used by custom rod builders without the added epoxy coating.

    Ther label stock is clear with the white or metalic printed text so you want to consider the background color on your rod, net or whatever substrate you intend to apply it to. Our Net Frames are Black so all colors appear as a suitable and ledgible contrast against the black net frame or telescopic staff. If you have custom logo  artwork or other personalized art we would be happy to discuss and provide a competitive price quote based on your specific design and quantity.

    Installation is simple but delicate to avoid any contamination or fingerprints on the lable or application area. Alchohol wipe and dry is suitable and recommended on most surfaces. Care in removing backing tape is necessary but not difficult with pre-split backing tape to handle properly.

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